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At West Rise, we grow Mathematicians who…

  • know how to apply a range of strategies to solve calculations
  • can apply mathematical skills in real life situations
  • understand that Mathematics is all around us and an integral part of everyday life.

We create mathematicians who are confident and resilient. 

All our children can draw from a bank of strategies they are confident in using. They can apply these to many calculations.

Download our Maths progression document for more on the knowledge and skills pupils learn each term. (9 pages).

Our maths policy

Our maths policy meets the requirements of the national curriculum. 
The design gives pupils a consistent and smooth progression in learning of calculations across the school.

The maths policy sets out how we will meet the Year group expectations.  
It is vital we: 

  • teach pupils according to the stage they are at
  • and move them on to the next level as soon as they are ready
  • or work at a lower stage until they are secure enough to move on.

It is a priority that we give any type of calculation a real-life context or problem-solving approach. This helps build children’s understanding of the purpose of calculation. It also helps them recognise when to use certain operations and methods when faced with problems.

Choosing a calculation method

The links below show the processes we teach and encourage children to use in deciding which approach they will take to solve a calculation.  This ensures they select the most appropriate method for the numbers involved.