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At West Rise, we grow Historians who…


  • know how to use sources to gather information and understand the topic better.
  • can think chronologically to help with historical reasoning, to distinguish between past, present and future time 
  • understand that History is the ‘Story of Humanity.’

Chronology underpins our History, without having to teach everything in chronological order. 

When we start a new topic, we link previous topics. Children develop chronology and understand where it all fits in. 

Our History is knowledge rich with a progression of skills. We use skills from the Connected History framework in each History lesson. The children are aware of the skills that they are developing.

We aim to inspire pupil’s curiosity. We teach aspects that relate to the children where possible and teach in a cross-curricular way.

Download our History progression documentfor more on the knowledge and skills pupils learn each term. (21 pages).