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Positive behaviour

At West Rise Junior School, we believe in celebrating success. So, each Friday, we hold a Celebration Assembly to do just that! 

Record of Achievement Awards 

Children receive a Record of Achievement for outstanding work, manners or behaviour. Members of staff record these in their ‘Record of Achievement’. When a child receives 20 Records of Achievement, we award a Bronze certificate. A further 25 sees them achieve their Silver award, while another 30 gets them the coveted Gold award.  

We present these awards during our Celebration Assembly each Friday. We invite the children’s parents and carers to come along and share in their success. 

Tribe Points

Every child belongs to one of our six Tribes. These are:

  • WakaWaka 
  • Tupi 
  • Cherokee
  • Iceni
  • Zulu 
  • Akha

Children collect Tribe Points for positive character traits and behaviour. These include: 

  • kindness
  • love of learning
  • perseverance - not giving up when something is not easy
  • resilience - springing back from difficulties 
  • gratitude
  • teamwork
  • good behaviour
  • good manners
  • working hard 
  • good work

We collect Tribe Points across the school. Each week there is great excitement when we reveal the winning tribe during Celebration Assembly.  

Max the Attendance Water Buffalo

Max the water buffalo

Yes, you did read correctly! We have a soft toy called Max who travels around the school. He stays with the class which has the highest attendance that week. 
He often arrives in assembly dressed up in relation to what the class has been doing that week. 
The class with the highest attendance can leave the hall first after assembly and get ten minutes extra playtime. 

Mo the Monkey Plant

We encourage outdoor learning.  Each week classes collect ‘Wild Time’ credits for each 10 minutes they take their learning outside.  The winning class(es) walk away with Mo (the real Monkey Plant) to look after in class that week, they too also get ten minutes extra playtime.


We also have very talented children in our school who like nothing more than to perform on the stage! They ‘audition’ during Thursday break time, to see if they can get through to Celebration Assembly. 
The performances vary greatly. They include singing, dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading, card tricks, piano, poetry and stand-up comedy. In fact, you name it, someone has probably done it!