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Positive behaviour

At West Rise Junior School, we believe in celebrating success. So, each Friday, we hold a Celebration Assembly to do just that! 

Record of Achievement Awards 

Children receive a Record of Achievement for outstanding work, manners or behaviour.  Members of staff record these in the childrens’ ‘Record of Achievement’ books.  When a child receives 20 Records of Achievement, we award a Bronze certificate and badge.  A further 25 sees them achieve their Silver award, while another 30 gets them the coveted Gold award.  

We present these awards during our Celebration Assembly each Friday. We invite the children’s parents and carers to come along and share in their success. 

Along with the Friday celebration assembly, we also hold a whole school assembly each Monday morning.  We enjoy coming together at the beginning of the week and celebrating other achievements which include, but are not limited to:

Community Points (were Tribe Points)

Every child belongs to one of our six Communities.  School Council and Room 13 worked together in a pupil led project in 2021 to create these new Communities to replace the Tribes.  They used a map of the area to identify six key community areas, came up with names for the Communities based upon these and created logo designs. The children across the whole school voted for their preferred logo designs and then printed the chosen logos onto t-shirts for each child.

The Communities are as follows: 

  • Tower of Wishes (was WakaWaka) - colour purple 
  • Longest Walk (was Tupi) - colour red 
  • Funky Forest (was Cherokee) - colour green
  • Snake River (was Iceni) - colour orange
  • Shoreline (was Zulu) - colour blue 
  • Chalky Hills (was Akha) - colour yellow

Children collect Community Points for positive character traits and behaviour. These include: 

  • kindness
  • love of learning
  • perseverance - not giving up when something is not easy
  • resilience - springing back from difficulties 
  • gratitude
  • teamwork
  • good behaviour
  • good manners
  • working hard 
  • good work

We collect Community Points across the school. Each week there is great excitement when we reveal the winning Community during Celebration Assembly.  


As a school we promote excellent presentation.  We know that taking pride in your work helps to improve achievement.  Each Monday teachers nominate at least one member of their class to bring some work into assembly to share with the school.  In return the children are awarded with a ‘Headteacher’s award pencil’.



As a school community we know attendance is important.  We work together to continue to improve our attendance percentage.  One part of our efforts includes celebrating the class with the highest attendance at the end of each week.  This class receives ten minutes extra playtime as a reward. 

Book Reviews

To promote a love of reading across the school, children are invited to share a book review with the school.  We love how this inspires children to pick up books they may otherwise not think to look at.